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Effective, and Flexible Automation

Automation is not only for for High Volume or Costly Processes

It is possible to produce small batches in a fast and flexible way, making the production much more efficient and the business more competitive with collaborative robot applications. The robots are easy to deploy, and the risk is minimal because of the low cost.

The first step on the journey to automation does not have to be the highest-volume or most costly process. Collaborative automation is designed for easy implementation, even for those who are not robotics experts.

Calculate the Return on Investment

Calculate your total cost savings related to automations in the production
with this ROI calculator.

What makes OnRobot the Best Choice for Automation?

Automation on the production line is a decision, which involves a lot of factors, e.g. investment, technical insight, skills and research. The automation engineers of OnRobot are trained to be able to advise through the entire process.

The products and solutions from OnRobot won a Silver Edison Award in 2019.

Over 10 years of combined experience & expertise

OnRobot and a world-wide Network of System Integrators provide off-the-shelf automation solutions that can be up and running in a matter of hours, and gives you an ROI less than 12 months.

Seamless integration with any Robot brand

Engineering Experts from process to automation

Our team of automation engineers are always ready to support and guide you through the entire process - from choosing which application to automate first, which robot arm to implement, and which tool(s) to apply.

For a non-committing conversation about your options, click the button below, and we will take contact to you.

Free consultation

Which application to automate first, which robot arm to implement, which tool(s) to use? - the questions are many.
Talk to one of our automation engineers about your options.



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