Why Manufacturers Turn to Collaborative Automation for Business Resilience?

Manufacturers of all sizes are adapting their business operations to recover and build resilience against future threats.

Learn how operational stability can be achieved through collaborative automation by downloading the White Paper below.


Machine Tending (CNC, IMM, Press)
Material Handling (transferring, sorting, packaging, palletizing)
Material Removal (deburring, sanding, polishing, buffing, drilling, milling)
Quality (measuring, testing, Inspecting)
Assembly (inserting, mounting, positioning, screwdriving, nutdriving)

Operational Stability with Collaborative Automation

Worker Wellbeing

Spacing out people in the production without reducing productivity


Inshoring of manufacturing and low risk supply chain

Flexible Production

Easily adaptable production enabling product change-overs

More than 53% of manufacturing firms anticipate a change in their operations in the coming months.

– National Association of Manufacturers

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