OnRobot Gecko Single Pad


Effective, and Flexible Automation

Up & Running - in a matter of hours

OnRobot products open up new possibilities for automating tasks that you never thought possible. Our cutting edge gripping and sensing systems for industrial automation let you easily design truly collaborative applications that enable your workforce to work side-by-side with collaborative robots on assembly, material handling, machine tending, quality, and/or material removal.

Collaborative robots and end effectors are designed with easy programming in mind, so even employees without technical experience can learn how to use and adapt the robot in little to no time. This flexibility grants manufacturers the freedom and flexibility to experiment with applications in preparation for potential new needs.

Having to fabricate unique tools for specific manufacturing tasks is a costly and disadvantageous affair. In contrast, end-of-arm tools can be easily deployed to handle different tasks and processes and seamlessly integrated into different production environments.

Flexible end effectors allow robots to complete repetitive tasks with more consistency and precision than human workers, leading to faster ROI for manufacturers. While the robots handle the dull, dirty and dangerous tasks, the employees can take on higher-level tasks better suited for a human mind.

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Which application to automate first, which robot arm to implement, which tool(s) to use? - the questions are many.
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